Geschwister Leyva haben ihren Hungerstreik beendet

Amnesty Kuba  (16.07.2017, 00.00 Uhr)

Die Geschwister und Menschenrechtsverteidiger_innen Anairis Miranda Leyva, Adairis Miranda Leyva und Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva haben ihren am 8. Juni begonnenen Hungerstreik beendet. Die kubanischen Behörden haben ihrer Mutter zuvor zugesichert, dass ihre Kinder nicht wieder inhaftiert werden.

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Verlegung nach Hungerstreik des Oppositionellen Jorge Cervantes in ein Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Amnesty Kuba  (05.07.2017, 00.00 Uhr)

Der Oppositionspolitiker Jorge Cervantes Garciavon der Unión Patriótica de Cuba, UNPACU, wurde im Mai inhaftiert und nach einem Hungerstreik in ein Hochsicherheitsgefängnis verlegt. Amnesty sieht ihn als gewaltlosen Gewissensgefangenen, der nur Gebrauch von seinem Recht auf Meinungsfreiheit gemacht hat.

Erneuter Hungerstreik der Leyva Geschwister

Amnesty Kuba  (01.07.2017, 00.00 Uhr)

Eine neue Eilaktion zu den drei Geschwistern der Familie Leyva. Die drei sind erneut in den Hungerstreik getreten, da sie und ihre Mutter, die noch unter Hausarrest steht, wiederholt bedroht und eingeschüchtert wurden.


Three siblings sentenced to one-year of prison for allegedly leaving their house during the state morning following Fidel Castro´s death, are on hunger strike after being harassed and intimidated in Cuba since their conditional release in April. Their sentences should be quashed and their release made unconditional.

On 2 April, after a prolonged hunger-strike, the three siblings were released under conditional release (licencia extrapenal). This form of conditional release means that charges are not dropped but that those convicted are allowed to spend the remainder of their sentences outside prison. Their mother has remained under house arrest.

On 8 June, the three siblings began another hunger strike to protest their harassment and intimidation and to seek the quashing of the sentences against all four members of their family.

According to Maydolis Portelles, since their conditional release, the family has been subjected to harassment and intimidation from various state entities. The municipal court of Holguín summoned the siblings several times and threatened to revoke the release if they did not begin to work. Members of the family were also subjected to at least two “acts of repudiation” (acto de repudio), a government-led demonstration that is common in Cuba. Additionally, several doctors at Hospital Lenin denied the siblings medical treatment unless they gave up their hunger strike, according to Maydolis Porteyes. The three siblings are currently at home, where they have been since leaving the hospital on 20 June.

Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language:

Calling on the authorities to quash all four sentences against Anairis Miranda Leyva, Adairis Miranda Leyva, Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva, and Maydolis Leyva Portelles who were imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression;

Calling on them to refrain from using measures to punish hunger strikers or to coerce them to end a hunger strike, which would be a violation of their right to freedom of expression.

Urging them to provide the siblings with access to qualified health professionals providing health care in compliance with medical ethics, including the principles of confidentiality, autonomy, and informed consent.


President of the Republic Raúl Castro Ruz Presidente de la República de Cuba La Habana, Cuba Fax: +41 22 758 9431 (Cuba Office in Geneva); +1 212 779 1697 (via Cuban Mission to UN) Email: (c/o Cuban Mission to UN) Salutation: Your Excellency / Su Excelencia

Attorney General Dr. Darío Delgado Cura Fiscal General de la República Fiscalía General de la República Amistad 552, e/Monte y Estrella Centro Habana, La Habana, Cuba Salutation: Dear Attorney General/ Estimado Sr. Fiscal General Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please insert local diplomatic addresses below: Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Fax Fax number Email Email address Salutation Salutation

Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. This is the third update of UA 76/17. Further information:

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