Datum Zeitung Überschrift
28.12.2005 Junge Welt Wachstum trotz Hürden
28.12.2005 terra.es Delegación militar de Rusia realiza visita oficial a Cuba
28.12.2005 Radio Angulo Italiano amigo de Cuba demanda libertad para los Cinco
28.12.2005 Cubanet Laura Pollán pudo ver a su esposo Héctor Maseda
28.12.2005 Cubanet Detenidos cuando intentaban abandonar el país
28.12.2005 Cubanet Denuncian empeoramiento de condiciones en sidatorio
28.12.2005 ACN Firman Cuba y China nuevo convenio de cooperación
28.12.2005 Cubanet Two dissidents prevented from traveling to Havana
25.12.2005 Yahoo! Nachrichten „Damen in Weiß“ fordern Freilassung kubanischer Dissidenten
25.12.2005 sueddeutsche.de Castro beschimpft Rice als „verrückt“
25.12.2005 sueddeutsche.de Betonkalender für Castro und Putin
25.12.2005 Networld EU-Lateinamerika-Gipfel in Wien: Auch Kubas Staatsoberhaupt Castro soll kommen
20.12.2005 Yahoo Finance China Grants Cuba Credit During Visit
20.12.2005 The Mercury News U.S. plans review of Cuba
16.12.2005 Yahoo! Noticias Cuba/OMC.- Cuba pide una reforma radical de la OMC que le permita responder a los intereses de la ma
16.12.2005 Yahoo! Noticias Cuba.- Un grupo disidente denuncia la actitud del Gobierno cubano por negar a las Damas de Blanco re
15.12.2005 Tagesschau.de Sacharow-Preis an „Damas de Blanco“, Borrell kritisiert kubanische Regierung
15.12.2005 Hindustan Times Mapplethorpe comes to Cuba, latest proof of island’s increasing tolerance toward homosexuality
15.12.2005 Washington Post Cuba Not Allowed to Play in World Tournament
14.12.2005 abc.es Castro no deja salir de Cuba a las «Damas de Blanco» para que reciban el Premio Sajarov
14.12.2005 Miami Herald Nine of 10 migrants saved at sea returned to Cuba
11.12.2005 AFP US-Vertreter in Kuba trifft sich erstmals mit Dissidenten
09.12.2005 AP Cuba-U.S. Relations the Focus of Summit
08.12.2005 Spiegel Online Castros Ärzte helfen im Erdbebengebiet
08.12.2005 CPJ CUBA: CPJ alarmed by worsening health of journalist
06.12.2005 CubaNet Cuba: US blocked dozens of experts from attending biotech conference
06.12.2005 CubaNet Desperation Rises in Castro’s Cuba
06.12.2005 Cuba Net Cuba doctors forbidden to stay at site of convention
04.12.2005 Nachrichten.ch Schweizerin und Polin aus Kuba ausgewiesen
04.12.2005 Yahoo Noticias Cuba.- La SIP reclama la liberación de todos los periodistas cubanos
04.12.2005 ABC News Communist Cuba’s Military Marks 49 Years
02.12.2005 BBC News Prominent Cuba dissident released
02.12.2005 Univision Dos periodistas europeas detenidas en Cuba
02.12.2005 Cubanet Se apodera la policía de ayuda solidaria
01.12.2005 Cubanet Joven intenta suicidarse después de amenaza policial
29.11.2005 Univision Opositor Payá denuncia acto de repudio contra tres disidentes en Cuba
28.11.2005 The Miami Herald Internet use restricted in Cuba, which blames U.S.
27.11.2005 Chicago Tribune Chavez seeing to Cuba’s revival
26.11.2005 La Nueva Cuba How should US prepare for a post-Castro Cuba?
24.11.2005 Focus Strompreis vervierzehnfacht
24.11.2005 Stern Kuba kündigt erste Gehaltserhöhung für Staatsbedienstete in 23 Jahren an
23.11.2005 The Miami Herald Caribbean HIV rate levels off
22.11.2005 Reporters Without Borders The 15 enemies of the Internet and other countries to watch
22.11.2005 CNews Sun fights for a free press
21.11.2005 Bernama Cuba Calls For United Front To Confront Western Media Influence
21.11.2005 Guardian Unlimited Anti-Castro Activist Arrested in Miami
20.11.2005 Islamic Republic News Agency Iran, Cuba explore avenues for promotion of mutual ties
20.11.2005 Journal Star Grant aims to help U.S., Cuba prepare for post-Castro era
18.11.2005 ntv „Ich leide nicht an Parkinson“
18.11.2005 The Miami Herald Cuba group takes out ad against Posada
18.11.2005 Yahoo! News Castro launches do-or-die anti-corruption drive
18.11.2005 Hindustan Times Fidel Castro sued for $60 million in US court
18.11.2005 Worldwide Faith News Surprise meeting between Fidel Castro and Catholic leaders
17.11.2005 LA Times Castro Meets With Cuba’s Catholic Leaders
16.11.2005 Vietnam News VN, Cuba news agencies develop strong relations
15.11.2005 Deutsche Welle Tag der inhaftierten Schriftsteller
15.11.2005 La Nueva Cuba Castro’s Medical Mercenaries
14.11.2005 NBC Cuba: Beyond the Embargo
14.11.2005 Cuba Net Wave of arrests following deaths of tourists
13.11.2005 La Nueva Cuba Iran, Cuba review expansion of mutual relations
11.11.2005 The Miami Herald Migrants‘ relatives call on president to free 33 Cubans
10.11.2005 The Narcosphere Anti-Cuba Broadcast to Expand Across Hemisphere Via Satellite TV
10.11.2005 The Miami Herald Bush’s Latin team shuffled
09.11.2005 Tagesschau Kuba erreicht Rekord-Votum bei der Uno
09.11.2005 Telepolis Regimewechsel erwünscht
09.11.2005 Sun-Sentinel Death toll climbs as more Cubans try to reach U.S. by sea
08.11.2005 Der Tagesspiegel „Europa muss konsequenter sein“
08.11.2005 Bloomberg.com Bolton Rebukes UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo for `Irrelevancy‘
08.11.2005 Prague Daily Monitor Havel praises Czech stance on Cuba
06.11.2005 Turkish Press Bush challenges influence of Chavez and Castro
04.11.2005 AlertNet Cubans more wary of Bush administration
04.11.2005 Prague Daily Monitor Cuba protests against Czech diplomatic note over thwarted party
03.11.2005 Brennessel USA werfen Havanna Ausnutzung vor
03.11.2005 Yahoo! Nachrichten Wachsende Opposition gegen Freihandel in Amerika
03.11.2005 Scotsman Venezuela threatens to hand over US jets to Cuba and China
02.11.2005 Neue Zürcher Zeitung Schweigemarsch der «Damen in Weiss» in Havanna
01.11.2005 n-tv.de Castro-Show in Maradona-Show
01.11.2005 Financial Times US steps up planning for a Cuba without Castro
31.10.2005 Novosti Russia set to support UN resolution on lifting Cuba blockade
31.10.2005 El Universal Venezuela has financed USD 850 million to Cuba
31.10.2005 Prague Daily Monitor Cuba bans Czech October 28 celebration
31.10.2005 Financial Times ‚Ladies in white‘ in rare win for Cuban dissidents
31.10.2005 Yahoo!News Brazil’s Governing Party to Sue Magazine
30.10.2005 Yahoo!News Cuba paid $3 million to Lula campaign
29.10.2005 Die Welt Kuba nimmt Hilfe der USA an
29.10.2005 Cuba Net Hugo Chavez and the Venezuela – Cuba Alliance
29.10.2005 The Independent Wind of change blows through Cuba’s relations with America
27.10.2005 tagesschau.de Sacharow-Preis geht nach Europa, Kuba und Nigeria
26.10.2005 The Miami Herald After floods, saltwater a concern in Cuba
26.10.2005 The Prague Post Czechs praised for Cuba stance
25.10.2005 Yahoo!News Up to 20 Cuban singers said seking Canadian asylum
23.10.2005 SF Bay View Chabot Cuba conference faces a challenged Afro-Cuba
22.10.2005 Trinidad & Tobago Express Cuba and Venezuela
22.10.2005 Reporter ohne Grenzen Pressefreiheit: Kuba auf Platz 161 von 167
22.10.2005 Cuba Net Ibero-American leaders get nothing in return for backing Cuba at summit
21.10.2005 The Jamaica Observer Fisk accuses Cuba, Venezuela of trying to ‚drive wedge‘ between US and Caribbean
20.10.2005 BBC News Cuba, US slated on family rights
19.10.2005 The Miami Herald Cuba hails condemnation by summit of `blockade‘
18.10.2005 The Miami Herald Executed men’s families testify
17.10.2005 Glaube Aktuell Washingtons Kuba-Politik entzweit die USA und Lateinamerika
17.10.2005 Neues Deutschland Kubas Gipfelsieg
15.10.2005 Frankfurter Neue Presse Kuba erhält im Konflikt mit USA Unterstützung aus Iberoamerika
15.10.2005 Yahoo! News US rebukes Spanish conference for talk of Cuba „blockade“
14.10.2005 Scotsman.com Summit backs Cuba against US
14.10.2005 The Miami Herald Dissident poet speaks at college
12.10.2005 The Prague Post Castro vs. Cuba
12.10.2005 Cuba Net Wife of dissident threatened
12.10.2005 News.com.au Castro offers doctors for quake
10.10.2005 Cuba Net Dissidents‘ children and wives harassed
10.10.2005 Cuba Net Police break up dissident meeting before it begins
10.10.2005 News from Russia Fidel Castro congratulates North Korea on anniversary of founding of North Korea’s communist Workers
09.10.2005 The Miami Herald Raul Rivero: A poet unbowed by Cuba’s jails
09.10.2005 The Miami Herald Raúl ‚the terrible‘ or ‚the compassionate‘?
09.10.2005 The China Post Number of Cubans caught trying to get to U.S. reaches 10-year high
09.10.2005 Sun Sentinel Cuban dissidents expect tactful ally in new U.S. liaison
08.10.2005 AP Anniversary of 1976 airliner bombing marked with sadness in Cuba
07.10.2005 Yahoo! News Venezuela to Revamp Cuban Oil Refinery
06.10.2005 The Washington Times Castro brothers helped KGB, files show
06.10.2005 Sun-Sentinel For Cuban dissident, a refuge in humor amid prying eyes
05.10.2005 The Miami Herald Cuban government boycotts German embassy event
04.10.2005 Reuters Canada presses Cuba over human rights concerns
04.10.2005 CubaNet Independent journalist placed in isolation cell
04.10.2005 CubaNet Signers of the Varela Project issued summons by the police
30.09.2005 Aljazeera Undeclared war on Cuba
29.09.2005 The Miami Herald U.S. says Cuba not trying to halt migrants
29.09.2005 Cuba Net Wife of dissident beaten on street
28.09.2005 Yahoo! Nachrichten Castro-Gegner Posada darf in den USA bleiben
27.09.2005 Red Nova Cuba: Power Generation Still Achilles‘ Heel of Economy
25.09.2005 Reuters Damas de Blanco pedirán a Zapatero excarcelación de opositores
25.09.2005 AFP Grass fordert Freilassung der „Cuban Five“
24.09.2005 Cuba Net Dissident denied material to rebuild after Hurricane Dennis
24.09.2005 Cuba Net Dissident’s home the target of several attacks
24.09.2005 Miami Herald HUNGER STRIKERS
23.09.2005 Spiegel Online José Ferrer García tritt in den Hungerstreik
21.09.2005 Cuba Net Another dissident prisoner forced to strip naked in Santa Clara
21.09.2005 Cuba Net Wife rejects offer of prison facilities for conjugal visit
21.09.2005 Cuba Net Physical education professor fired for being a pacifist
21.09.2005 Spiegel Online Fotostrecke Hurricane auf Kuba
20.09.2005 La Nueva Cuba CUBA: Draconian new restrictions
18.09.2005 The Herald Castro welcomes Chinese delegation
17.09.2005 Brennessel Am UNO-Gipfel greift nach Venezuela auch Kuba die USA an
16.09.2005 Sun Sentinel Ex-prisoner sues Cuba in Miami-Dade court
15.09.2005 Junge Welt Folgen einer antikommunistischen Allianz
15.09.2005 Barmstedter Zeitung Kooperation schafft Forschungserfolg
13.09.2005 CNN Cuban doctors‘ group would tackle global disasters
11.09.2005 The Australian Cuba honours 9/11 victims
10.09.2005 La Prensa Cuba’s hurricane response far superior to America’s
10.09.2005 AP Number of Cubans leaving island illegally said at its highest
10.09.2005 AP Mugabe to visit Cuba this month
10.09.2005 Keynoter.com Activists polled on Cuba’s future
06.09.2005 AP Noch keine Einigung auf Erklärung für UN-Gipfel
05.09.2005 AFP Kuba weitet sein Hilfsangebot an die USA aus
03.09.2005 Brennessel Kuba und Venezuela bieten USA Hilfe für Hurrikan-Gebiete an
03.09.2005 Los Angeles Times Heat Is On to Tackle Cuba’s Power Crisis
02.09.2005 Xinhua Cuban parliament expresses solidarity with hurricane-affected US people
31.08.2005 CubaNet Imprisoned independent journalist forced to strip naked
31.08.2005 The Miami Herald U.S. no longer insists that Cuba is creating offensive bioweapons
29.08.2005 Yahoo-Nachrichten Hurrikan „Katrina“
27.08.2005 EP Cuba: Dos líderes opositores en huelga de hambre contra la „salvaje paliza“ recibida por
26.08.2005 Reuters Cuba blames U.S. for shipwreck that killed 31
26.08.2005 CPJ News CUBA: Second independent journalist jailed in less than a month
25.08.2005 Frankfurter Rundschau Venezuela und Kuba ärgern mit Schulterschluss die USA
25.08.2005 CPJ News CUBA: Imprisoned journalist on hunger strike
24.08.2005 Junge Welt Baum für Baum gegen die Bodenzerstörung
24.08.2005 CubaNet Critical ill health of dentist, prisoner of conscience in Cuba
23.08.2005 CubaNet Father obliges daughter and son-in-law to leave family home
23.08.2005 CubaNet Dissident threatened with eviction from his home
23.08.2005 CubaNet Santa Clara dissident beaten and detained
23.08.2005 CubaNet Human rights activist says young communist leader beat him up
23.08.2005 CubaNet Home of independent union leader raided by security agents
22.08.2005 Reuters 31 Cubans missing after shipwreck off Florida
22.08.2005 CubaNet Independent journalists demand liberty for jailed colleague
22.08.2005 CubaNet Four dissidents imprisoned since 2003 have been hospitalized
21.08.2005 BBC News Cuba and Panama restore relations
21.08.2005 RTE News Cuba and Venezuela ask for solidarity
21.08.2005 Sun Sentinel Suicide in Cuba often a statement
21.08.2005 Yahoo News Kuba und Panama nehmen diplomatische Beziehungen wieder auf
21.08.2005 Associated Press Hurricane-damaged blimps in the Keys knock out TV Marti programs
20.08.2005 La Nueva Cuba Cuba Confiscates Land Where Dissidents Met
20.08.2005 Yahoo News Washington worried by Venezuela, Cuban socialism
19.08.2005 Handelsblatt Chávez finanziert linke Allianz in Lateinamerika
18.08.2005 Deutsche Welle Die USA wenden sich von ihrem Hinterhof ab
18.08.2005 The Mercury News Cuba targets dissidents amid growing civil unrest
17.08.2005 Yahoo News Rumsfeld beginnt Lateinamerika-Reise
17.08.2005 La Nueva Cuba Cuba’s painful transition from sugar economy
16.08.2005 Spiegel Online Interview mit Julio Hernandez
16.08.2005 CubaNet Street vendors detained in Cienfuegos
15.08.2005 TimesLeader Blackouts in Cuba generate crisis
15.08.2005 Cubanet Iran and Cuba to issue joint stamp
12.08.2005 Reuters Castro turns 79 on the job, no plans to retire
11.08.2005 German-Foreign-Policy.com Was kommt nach Castro?
11.08.2005 AP Cuba Celebrates U.S. Court Ruling
10.08.2005 AFP „Cuban Five“: US-Gericht ordnet Neuverhandlung an
10.08.2005 CubaNet Shortage of doctors results in the closure of five clinics
10.08.2005 CubaNet Ailing independent journalist returned to prison cell
10.08.2005 Cubanet Shortage of water prompts protest
07.08.2005 The Miami Herald Post-Castro Cuba will be ‚a big mess,‘
06.08.2005 La Nueva Cuba Cuban sugar crop suffering from drought and neglect
06.08.2005 The Miami Herald Dissident meeting usurped
05.08.2005 Sun Sentinel Government charges three with treason
05.08.2005 La Nueva Cuba CASTRO’S EMBARGO
04.08.2005 Netzeitung Castro will Bau protestantischer Kirchen prüfen
03.08.2005 Junge Welt Selbst Castro-Gegner kritisch
03.08.2005 The Miami Harald Government-sponsored station seeks credibility
03.08.2005 Yahoo News Three Cubans Face Anti-Government Charges
01.08.2005 Yahoo Nachrichten Chávez bietet armen US-Bürgern Gratisbehandlung von Augenleiden an
31.07.2005 Cox News Service Castro’s revolutionary zeal undiminished after four decades
31.07.2005 Turkish Press Cuban regime and dissidents agree in rejecting new US official
30.07.2005 Neues Deutschland USA blasen zu neuer Kuba-Attacke
30.07.2005 South Florida Sun-Sentinel Cuba recruits revolutionaries in classrooms
29.07.2005 Miami Herald ‚Friend‘ named to Cuba post
29.07.2005 CubaNet Oscar Mario Gonzalez Pérez faces up to 20 years in prison under Law 88
29.07.2005 CubaNet Cuba opposition concerned about dissidents
29.07.2005 CubaNet Neighbors prevent police from seizing TV sets
29.07.2005 CubaNet Prisoner who refuses to wear prison garb denied treatment
29.07.2005 CubaNet Security agents question signers of the Varela Project
28.07.2005 Turkish Press Cuba will not tolerate dissident ‚provocations‘
28.07.2005 Die Welt Castro nennt Dissidenten „Lumpen“ und „Söldner“
28.07.2005 FAZ Starrsinnig in Havanna
26.07.2005 CPJ Independent journalist detained in Havana
26.07.2005 The Associated Press Cuba releases more dissidents
25.07.2005 Frankfurter Rundschau Kuba nimmt Dissidenten fest
25.07.2005 Deutsches Ärzteblatt Zunahme von Infektionskrankheiten nach Wirbelsturm
24.07.2005 Nachrichten.ch Kubanische Dissidenten kurzzeitig in Haft
24.07.2005 AP Rund 20 kubanische Dissidenten festgenommen
24.07.2005 Sun Sentinel Cuba frees opposition leader, 10 dissidents
23.07.2005 BBC News Dissidents held in Cuba crackdown
23.07.2005 Sun-Sentinel Several dissidents detained in Cuba following opposition meeting
23.07.2005 AFP Dissidentenführerin Martha Beatrix Roque in Kuba festgenommen
23.07.2005 Tocqueville Connetion FOUR DISSIDENTS ARRESTED IN CUBA
23.07.2005 Reuters Cuba detains 22 dissidents, rights leader says
23.07.2005 USINFO United States Condemns Cuba for Arrests
21.07.2005 World Peace Herald 3 Cuban dissidents detained
20.07.2005 AFP Drei Dissidenten vor Nationalfeiertag in Kuba festgenommen
19.07.2005 N24-Netzeitung Stromnotstand auf Kuba
15.07.2005 AFP Kuba: Festnahmen bei regierungskritischen Protesten
08.07.2005 La Nueva Cuba European specialist as new envoy
20.06.2005 Presseportal der CDU/CSU Gröhe: Die europäische Nachsicht mit Kuba muss beendet werden
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